Rory J. Saper



Rory was born in Buckinghamshire, England on April 3, 1996. He grew up in Beaconsfield with two older sisters and his parents Camilla Saper and Roger Saper. He went to the local primary school Davenies where acting was not a huge part of his life. However, when he left for Harrow boarding school just outside of London, he auditioned for a feature film and got the main part. He realised then that he wanted to pursue a career in acting and so he continued to make short films for two years winning various small competitions. In November 2011, Rory was contacted by a casting assistant who saw his short films on YouTube and asked him to come in for an audition for an independent feature called Rufus which he got the lead role for. He then signed with Olivia Woodward from Curtis Brown Agency and left to film Rufus in Canada in January 2012. 2 years on having finished school, Rory won the minor role of Young Tarzan in David Yates’ live-action retelling of Tarzan which was filmed throughout the Summer of 2014. Rory is now fully committed to a career in the industry having finished his education and is hoping to land another role soon.